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The present section of the website deals with the terms of use of the e-shop (hereinafter referred to as “e-shop”) under the distinctive title JomaHome (domainname: www.jomahome.com.gr), hereinafter referred to as “the Terms”.

The Terms are comprised of the “General Terms of Use”, which include the return policy, payment and delivery methods, customer service policy, and the “Special Terms of Use”, which include the “Privacy Policy” and the “Cookies Policy” (hereinafter referred to as “Data Protection and Processing Policy”), which relate to how our company manages and ensures the security of the personal information provided to us by us THRUST consumer demand.

In accordance with the Company’s privacy policy and which is in accordance with Greek, European and international law, when accessing and using this site, the user declares that he / she accepts these Terms, otherwise he / she must leave the site. Upon acceptance of the terms of use it is considered that the user has read and fully understood their content.

The Company is available to its customers for any further clarification regarding the application of these terms and the consumer may contact the Company on any matter, in the ways specified in the “CONTACT” field.

1.Headquarters – Purpose of the company

The Company under the name “MARIA FINANCIAL SINGLE MEMBERSHIP IKE” (hereinafter “the Company”) is located at NEA PLAGIA CHALKIDIKI, anonymous street, TK 63200, (AFM: 801158000, Δ.Δ.W. and the Company is the immediate service and satisfaction of each customer individually, with consistency and responsibility.

2.Geographical area of ​​activity of the Company

The Company aims to serve the entire Greek territory and Cyprus.

3.Power – modification of terms of use

These Terms, as well as the data protection and processing policy, are applicable as they stand, and for the purpose of drawing up a contract between the Company and the consumer (s), the Terms of Use as stated at the time of ordering / of. The Company, however, reserves the right to unilaterally modify or even update the terms of use at its sole discretion to safeguard its interests as a business, to provide the consumer with the highest possible level of protection (see Law 2225/1 1994). , but also when they need to be adapted to newer legislation (Greek / European / International). It is noted here that the modification of the Terms of Use does NOT cover orders already made by the consumer e-shop user, unless this e ivalletai circumstances explicitly mentioned.

4. Responsibility for the company

The parties (Company and user-consumer) agree that:

A. On the one hand, the Company will take all appropriate measures and show the due diligence required during the transactions to ensure the validity, truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided by it on this Website, whether they relate to the operation of the e- shop and company identity either relate to the characteristics of the goods offered for sale.

However, it is clarified that the Company is not responsible for any information transmitted by suppliers regarding the characteristics of its goods and which it cannot objectively control (for example due to sealed packaging).

In addition, the Company is not responsible for any damage suffered by the user of the e-shop by the use of the website, which objectively evades its responsibility (indicative herein: third party intrusion into the data and information of the website, despite the fact that The company keeps the security protocols up to date and despite constantly taking steps to avoid and minimize such risks, malware of any form [viruses, Trojans, computer worms and any other form of analogue software], technical issues related to the servers used by the company to maintain the site online).

Finally, despite the above commitment of the Company to provide as valid information as possible, it is hereby noted that the Company bears no responsibility for recording information / data which, in good faith in the transactions and in common experience, can be accounted for. incorrect / inaccurate (indicative here: price which, according to common experience and logic, may not have a specific product, since it is significantly lower than similar category and item sold in Greece and in the physical or online stores, information provided by similar online stores and which may not differ from store to store).

B. On the other hand, the consumer-consumer provides all the necessary information / personal information needed to successfully process and complete his order (including: name, surname, address, contact telephone, email address, payment method, size (see here Privacy Policy)

Even the e-shop user-consumer will use this website only under the terms and conditions set forth herein and solely for the purpose for which it was created. Explicitly the user-consumer agrees that he will not use the site illegally, such as to steal data from other users or place orders without genuine intention to buy, thus damaging the Company. The Company reserves the right to claim any damages (and any legal proceedings before any competent civil and criminal court) that may result from such conduct, which violates the above terms of prudent and fair use of the e-shop.

The Company is NOT responsible for the failure to process / complete the order and consequently for the non-delivery or failure to deliver the ordered products to the consumer in the absence of the minimum (and accurate) information required when placing the order. When delivering the products, the consumer is obliged to check and confirm that the courier packaging is sealed and in any case the Company is not liable for the damage suffered during the shipping of the product.

The Company will do everything possible to ensure that the order is delivered within the scheduled time. However, the Company is NOT responsible for events that are outside its sphere of influence and cannot control it. Thus, the Company is NOT responsible for the non-timely transfer from the affiliated companies of your order to the customer. Also, it is not responsible for the delayed delivery of the product to the customer, as the delay is due to force majeure events and accidental delivery. Indicatively, here are listed events such as strikes, wars, terrorist acts, natural disasters and problems in the delivery of products that the Company sells to its suppliers, despite the diligence shown by the Company in its transactions. Should such issue arise in respect of the delivery of the Products which is not the fault of the Company, then either party (after the expiration of one month after the scheduled delivery time) may terminate the contract without prejudice, so the parties will not have any requirement to one of the another after the solution.

6. Intellectual and industrial property

The website and content of the e-shop (images, photos, marks, drawings, graphics, transformations, e-shop identity combinations, innovative services that may be offered in the future) are copyrighted and protected by all the set of provisions of Greek, European and international law relating to it. Any trademark of the Company legally registered with the competent authorities or which has acquired a discretionary power in its use in trade is protected by the definitions of the Law.

None of the above may be a product of sale, copying, reproducing, republishing and any other action that may be taken to offend the e-shop material and content. It is clear from the foregoing that, the above cannot be used for public and commercial use unless the Company has given its written consent to this effect.

As for the products and services that the Company hosts in the e-shop, which are available for sale, as well as any other brand of another company (supplier, affiliate, etc.), they are the intellectual property of them and so they are responsible to protect them.

The Company, by hosting products, services and trademarks of other companies on its web site, expressly declares that it has no intention of owning them and that they are the intellectual property of such third parties.

7.Product defect

The Company aims to provide quality products to the customers-consumers who trust it.

The Company’s products are provided to consumer users with the highest quality at competitive prices, with the distinction of being excellent value-for-money.

If, however, the consumer considers that the product does not comply with the order data and may be considered defective, he must immediately notify the Company (and within two business days at the latest) of the receipt of the order by means of available communication in order to consider the issue and if necessary replace the defective product.

For the purposes of these terms it is made clear that a product may be considered defective if it does not meet the objectives of the Convention, and in particular: (a) if it does not meet the description given for the product in the e-shop (indicative: construction material other than that); listed on the store’s website and weaving problems), (b) the product does not meet the intended use and for which similar products are intended

The Company is NOT responsible for any further damage that may be caused to the consumer by the market beyond the replacement of the defective product. Also, these terms make it clear that they are NOT a defect that entails a product replacement claim: 1) the different color display on the computer screen compared to reality (for example, sending the agreed color in a different tone to it shown on the screen when ordering, given how each color is rendered depends on the screen available to each user), 2) Shipment by the Company of the correct size, such as this was ordered but which did not meet the consumer’s requirements. However, the Company gives the consumer the right to request replacement of the product due to wrong ordering, which is due to his own fault only once. In any case, the product cannot be considered defective for this reason.

8.Pricing policy – Value Added Tax (VAT)

The Company has the complete discretion to set the prices of the products sold in this online store. The consumer, having been informed of the price of each product, shall order it, if he so wishes, in the manner described in these terms. The Company shall not be liable for the compensation of the buyer if he finds, after completion of his purchase, in another online or physical store of interest of other companies, identical or similar to the one purchased by the e-shop, at a lower price. The Company hereby declares that it is under no obligation to indemnify the buyer to cover the difference in the price of the cheapest (sold in another store) up to the amount of the product purchased from the e-shop.

The prices of the e-shop may be changed by the Company without notice. In any case, the buyer is obliged to pay based on the price in force when submitting his order, not affected by subsequent changes in the price of the products.

The consumer has the right, if he / she finds that the price of a product is considered to be “unusual” by the common practice (very low or very high), to inform the Customer Service of the Company in order to investigate the matter and if necessary , modify the value so that it corresponds correctly.

The Company is under no obligation to ship the product at the wrong lowest price, even if the ordering process has been completed by the customer and a confirmation e-mail has been sent. In this case, of course, it is obliged to inform the customer by phone or e-mail about the specific error when ordering and the actual price of the product. The buyer is then entitled either to accept the order at the actual price of the product or to expressly cancel it. If no action is taken within two business days of the above notification, the order will be automatically canceled by the Company.

The prices of the e-shop include VAT (Value Added Tax). Given the fact that e-shop products are available in Greece and Cyprus, it is clarified that the VAT of the Member State of the European Union which is the place of delivery for the product (s) (Greece or Cyprus) is applicable on a case-by-case basis. % for Greece and 19% for Cyprus. The Company bears no responsibility for any possible change in the VAT rate by the tax authorities of the above Member States and for this reason a possible increase in the prices of the e-shop.

9. “User” Client Profile

The Company enables the user to make their purchases easily and quickly and as a simple “User”, ie without the need to create a personal account. In this way, the elements necessary for the processing and successful promotion of the order are sought. The user agrees to these terms explicitly in the processing of his information for the purpose of promoting and successfully completing the order. This way, however, whenever he wishes to place an order from the e-shop (and if he has not created an account on the site), he will have to enter his details in the order form. Furthermore, as an unregistered user it is not possible to take advantage of the privileges of the registered members of the e-shop, which now or in the future the Company may provide (discounts, participation in competitions etc.).

10. Return / change / cancellation policy

The consumer is entitled by law to withdraw from the contract remotely concluded with the Company and to return the product without having to state the reasons for which this decision was reached. The period of unreasonable withdrawal shall be fourteen (14) calendar days from the date on which the product (s) became physically owned by the consumer or a third party designated by the consumer other than the carrier. The right of withdrawal shall be deemed to have been exercised by the consumer if, within the specified deadline mentioned above and before its expiration, he / she announces the exercise of the right to the Company. This announcement can be made either by telephone by contacting PrimoLupo Customer Service, or by e-mail to the e-mail address listed on the Company’s website, or by post, by sending the withdrawal form to ……………… .. is the seat of the Company. In the latter case it is expressly stated that the timely exercise of the right of withdrawal will be evidenced by the marking on the dossier of the day on which the consumer sent the dossier. The burden of proof on the exercise of the right of withdrawal lies with the consumer.

The Company, within the package (s) of order, shall include a withdrawal form which the consumer may complete in order to legally exercise the right of withdrawal. Of course, the above right can also be exercised through the above mentioned ways (e-mail or telephone). However, it should be borne in mind that the burden of proof on the exercise of the right of withdrawal rests with the consumer.

The Customer must return the Product within fourteen (14) calendar days of its notification to the Company that it wishes to withdraw from the Contract, in which case the Company shall, upon return of the Products, return its full value, as well as the amount paid by the consumer for delivery by courier service. However, the Company is NOT required to refund any additional delivery costs if the consumer had explicitly opted for a different delivery (eg express express service) than the cheaper delivery method (basic courier service offered by the Company). In this case, the Company is obliged to reimburse to the consumer only the cost of the basic service, not covering the excess to the amount of the courier service it has chosen.

The consumer is liable in case of cancellation of the cost of returning the product to the Company, which the Company may offset by the amount due to the consumer upon its cancellation.

If the consumer withdraws from the contract, the Company, and not the Company, bear the risk of possible destruction of the product during the return process. For this reason, the consumer must take all necessary precautionary measures so that the parcel can be safely transported to the Company’s premises. That is to say, he must carefully pack the product (s) he wishes to return so that they can be delivered to the Company in the best condition he has received. The Company reserves the right not to accept products which are not in the best condition in which they were delivered to the consumer and proven to be in poor condition, to which they are returned, due to their fault.

Thus, product returns above are only accepted if the products are in excellent condition delivered by the Company to consumers, ie they are in their original packaging which will not be altered in any way and the goods should to carry their labels, their labels, whatever else was included in their packaging, and generally in a ‘new’ state. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the purchase document (retail receipt or invoice) must also be submitted. Refunds are not accepted within the legal time limit for withdrawal if the products are shown to have been used in any way by the consumer.

Cancellation / Change (Add / Remove Products) order can be made until 17:00 on the same day, and if ordering after 17:00, customer can request cancellation / change by 17:00 the next day . Cancellation / change of order is considered a new order and delivery times as set out below apply. (Condition No 8.) Changes (before shipment of products) are allowed up to two per order.

After the dispatch of the product (s), only one change may be made within fourteen (14) calendar days of delivery if the conditions provided for in the event of a withdrawal are met (unused product, in its packaging with purchase document etc.). In this case the cost of returning and re-delivering the product is borne by the consumer.

11. Partial invalidity clause

All terms herein are deemed to be material. In the event of any of them being disputed or canceled, the remainder shall remain valid.

These terms are without prejudice to his rights as a consumer as provided by Greek and European law.

12. Communication

For any query / clarification or issue that concerns the user / consumer, he / she may contact the Company’s customer service daily during phone hours by e-mail at ……… @ ….. ….., by mail to

13. Law and jurisdiction

The courts of Thessaloniki are responsible for resolving any disputes that may arise from the use of this website, as well as when ordering products from the Company’s e-shop.

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